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 About Us
  N&T Mold Engineering Corporation has been in business and supporting the plastics industry since 1986. We are an industry leader in the design and manufacture of custom injection, compression, and transfer molds for production and prototype use. Our success is the result of a strong in-house design and engineering staff,modern production facilities, and a firm commitment to customer service and support.
  Our designers, engineers and manufacturing technicians interact in a cohesive relationship with our customers to confidently assure that our products and support meets or exceeds their specifications and expectations. With manufacturing facilities in the USA, China, and Vietnam, N&T has the resources and capabilities to support our customers' needs from design, development, and prototyping, as well as full production.
  We use the latest in CAD/CNC systems and equipment for research and development,design,rapid prototyping,engineering,and mold making and production.Design,development,and integration of new designs is further enhanced through our stereo lithography capabilities.This further insures that each job is done quickly,accurately,and on schedule.Our support network extends beyond the mold/parts shipment from our plans to our customer's facility.Our experience with molds runs from small, precise,single cavity tools and fixtures to large,complex,multi-cavity tools up to 20,000 lbs.Tooling and parts are shipped per customers' requirements,and no quantity is too large or too small.
  Our employees have a broad experience in the design and manufacture of custom injection,compression and transfer molds for production and prototype use.Our engineering,tooling,and manufacturing,as well as our design facilities,supports our customers' needs over a wide range of manufacturing marks that include,but are not limited to,aerospace,automotive,marine,medical,electronic, and consumer goods.
  We have a long history of designing and manufacturing products from a vast array of resin systems including Polycarbonate, ABS, Polyethylene (HDPE,LDPE, LLDPE), Polypropylene,Flexsible PVC,Riginid PVC,PVC-TPE,Blends,Polysulfone,
Polyphenolsulfone,PEEK,K-Resin,Hytrel,Barex,Thermoplastic,Elastomers Elastomers,and others.
  N&T Mold Engineering uses all the new updated CAD/CNC systems and apparatus for R&D,designing rapid prototyping,engineering,and mold making.We research,develop,and engineer plastic items of all kinds.We make models and prototypes through the use of lithograph ;each job is done quickly and on time.
  We are experienced in the design and manufacture of injection molds,compression molds,transfer molds , and prototype parts. Our design engineers, and production and marketing staff are ready to work with our customers on any concept involving molding technology.Let us extend our technical expertise,facilities,and resources in support of your manufacturing needs.
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